Adot specializes in LED indoor lighting technology and aims to “Create the classic and leading the fashion” and pursuits the extreme beauty of the lighting. With the philosophy as “Brighten the World With the Wisdom”, Adot absorbs the essence from the different fields, and makes great effort on research and development. Based on ancient capital Xi’an, Adot is a creative group gathering great minds and thoughts. We integrate the essence of Chinese and Western culture bring you a brand new concept of decorative lighting. With our Continuous effort, we shall promise you a superior experience more than just lighting.

standard and custom made poles for every application. Alcopole, not only sells poles but also provides creative solutions to meet the customer needs. By the help of its qualified human resources and market experience Alcopole, offers highly professional products, creative solutions satisfying the customers design requirements.

Alcopole manufacturing program covers a complete range of aluminum lighting poles.

Standard poles are designed to comply with EN 40 standards and can take a wide range of luminaries and brackets. Customised specifications and designs are available upon request.

The apure Minus luminaire takes most of the recess out of recessed lighting. With a 3/4-inch heat sink, and a 13/32-inch aperture, the Minus virtually disappears. The mighty Minus can be installed within multiple materials and allows for ceilings to be dropped less than 1 inch, making it ideal for new construction or a retrofit projects.

Arancia is dedicated to designing and producing precisely machined and carefully handcrafted led lighting fixtures.  Arancia lighting manufactures Led downlights, linear pendants, decorative pendants, wall sconces, and led track luminaires.

Arturo Alverez lighting – Handmade custom decorative lighting for over 20 years. Everything from LED pendants, ceiling mount, wall mount, table, and floor luminaires.

On average, lighting accounts for 40% of building operation costs in most workplaces. The new Audacy Wireless Controls system by IDEAL gives you more control over your lighting environment while saving up to 50% on your corporate lighting costs. Crafted at the intersection of simple and innovative, the Audacy system reimagines wireless lighting control and represents the streamlined future state of lighting technology for commercial, industrial, education, retail, healthcare, entertainment and other uses.

AV Poles and Lighting is a leading manufacturer of commercial and industrial grade poles, brackets, and bases for the outdoor lighting industry. With a combined 60 years experience in manufacturing, our knowledgeable staff offers the latest design solutions for any project and/or special application needs. Whether it is steel or aluminum, contemporary or traditional, new or custom fabrication, AV Poles and Lighting has a product for every requirement.

Barbican is one of North America’s leading manufacturers of energy efficient lighting solutions. With a strong eye to design and manufacturing, Barbican offers environmentally responsible standard and custom LED lighting solutions catering to the commercial, institutional, health care, hospitality and industrial markets.

BLux has been in business for over 40 years. They designs and manufacturers beautiful interior and exterior lighting products. BLux specializes in decorative pendant, wall, ceiling, floor, and table lamps and has a small assortment of exterior lighting products as well.

C Lighitng Contemporary, cool, cozy, and so much more. C Lighting is the solution for custom, personalized lighting. For years, we designed and created original lighting compositions with existing fixtures and products already available on the marketplace. Without our own line to work with we faced a lot of limitations. In order to satisfy the growing demand for specific lighting solutions, we launched C Lighting. The C Lighting brand creates the best lighting solutions, for any space, by joining art and engineering. We call this combination Soft Architectural Lighting.

Castaldi, (lighting of outdoor areas) has been an innovator since 1938 and in the 1970s it launched its first architectural lighting products onto the market, becoming the pioneer of a new outdoor lighting concept. For some time now, Castaldi has been one of the major players in the upper echelons of the international market, capable of offering the widest range of lighting products, characterised by high performance, refined design and technological innovation.

Chauvet is a major innovator, developer and manufacturer, leading the entertainment lighting market in terms of design, flexibility and options.

Clarté defines the visual possibilities of when a beam of light becomes so perfect that the true color, texture and architectural design of a space becomes clear. Clarte’ lighting manufacturers a large array of LED downlights, pendants, track heads, and recessed multiples for just about any application, new or retrofit.

Concept Urbain is a French manufacturer of contemporary street furniture that includes everything necessary to complete the designers vision for exterior spaces: bollards, signage, trash receptacles, picnic tables, seating, planters, bicycle stands, as well as a completely custom product offering. For 30 years, Concept Urbain has been supporting change in the city environment with their sustainable designs.

Cooledge illuminates interior architectural surfaces with paper-thin, flexible products that are inspiring to design with, simple to use and easy to install. Cooledge is ideal for retail, entertainment, and hospitality environments, and has been used around the world. Our products deliver uniform, quality light that’s efficient and (tunable white) dynamic. Cooledge can be cut, sized and shaped on-site. We offer a simple, scalable and uniform lighting solution for ceilings, walls, displays, and architectural elements.

DALS lighting -stocks and ships the same day LED downlights, linear pendants, under counter, ceiling mounted lights, vanity lights, wall mounted interior and exterior lights, and exterior bollards.

Dongbu Lightec is a leading maker of advanced LED lighting products. We design, manufacture and market the LED lighting products including retrofit lamps, commercial and industrial LED fixtures.

Transform spaces with Dyson lighting. Task lights with precise, long-lasting LED light. Cu-Beam suspended lights for flexible, ultra-wide distribution of powerful light. Flexible powerful light. Precisely where your business needs it.

The fastest, most hygienic hand dryers with HEPA-filtered air.

Eleek lighting is a very unique American manufacturer located in the Redwood Valley of California. Eleek specializes in decorative lighting pendants, wall sconces, vanity lighting, exterior Bollards, and much more. Eleek’s also has the capability to do custom, retrofitting, replicating, and even restoration of just about any lighting product.

ELUXNET USA Corporation provides high quality lighting, decorative, and custom LED products for architectural, commercial, institutional, residential and entertainment applications. ELUXNET has spent about 10 years developing an array of new LED technologies that far surpass traditional ones.

Epstein-Design Made in Germany

From small subtle design lamps to eye catching chandeliers. Unique innovative lighting designs and furnishings.

FX Luminaire is an industry-leading manufacturer of landscape and architectural lighting products with a focus on the advancement of LED Landscape Lighting technology and digital lighting control with zoning, dimming and color adjustment capabilities.

GLLS offers sophisticated LED lighting products using energy efficient and environment-friendly LEDs for commercial lighting and commercial signs required by architectural, design, and engineering firms as well as retailers and brand marketers.

The GVA philosophy is to create outstanding lighting systems by using the formula GVA Lighting product = Light + Art + Science + Technology. By using one of GVA’s patented color changing or static luminaries we feel it can contribute to the society and human wellbeing by creating signature architectural lighting projects worldwide in cooperation with the best lighting designers and architects around the world.

Our story started in 1996, when we fell in love with light. The family run company which we have started to develop products for efficient lighting, expanded in time creating the trade names, HEPER and MOONLIGHT, which in time became leaders in lighting field. Thanks to their design, material quality and manufacturing technology, our products are now adding more value to the modern cities of the world. We are beautifying the buildings, squares, streets, recreational areas, sports and airports, which at the end makes them vivid & full of life.

Hi-Lite Manufacturing Company has been in business since 1958. Born of ingenuity and ambition, Hi-Lite achieved success through attention to detail and a firm determination to only manufacture the highest quality products. Specializing in barn lights, Hi-Lite has built its reputation as a premier lighting manufacture by using only the finest raw materials, inspirational designs, and unparalleled service.

Holm- Now bringing our Luxor® technology to the commercial architectural and landscape lighting market, our products are designed to meet required specifications while echoing the aesthetics of the project. Holm is a Hunter Industries company with more than three decades of engineering expertise.

Igor-Tech provides intelligent lighting control over Ethernet. This means it’s not only easier and more economical to install than traditional lighting, but network-enabled lighting components give you immediate access and control over the entire system which may include LED light fixtures of all types, motion sensors, daylight sensors, and more. Power over Ethernet (POE).Control over Everything.

Italamp is an Italian hand blown decorative glass lighting manufacturer of Classic and Modern style Luminaires. Italamp consist of decorative pendants, wall sconces, table & Floor Lamps, Ceiling mounted, and spot lights. All fixtures ship within 2 to 4 weeks via air freight.

Itai Bar On lighting and tiles explore the limits of working with concrete and placing the common material in a new context while stretching the acceptable boundaries of the matter. Itai Bar On specialize in decorative pendants and lamps made of natural raw materials as well as 3d concrete tiles.

We inspire and empower customers to visually enhance man-made and natural environments through the use of color changing and static color LED lighting.

Headquartered in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin, Intrigue Lighting, established in 2011, manufactures high quality, architectural, pedestrian-scale, exterior LED lighting fixtures constructed to perform while also withstanding the elements. Intrigue is focused on partnering with domestic suppliers in an effort to reduce carrying costs, reduce lead times, and most importantly, provide quality products manufactured in the USA.

Isigns is committed to being an innovative sign provider and a lean green sign business partner. We offer cost effective sign solutions that perform efficiently for a host of different commercial applications.

illuminated marker lights designed to disappear during the day time as a paver, stone, or brick but come to life at night time to illuminate path ways, sidewalks, streets, or just about any in ground paver application.

Founded in 1992 in California’s Silicon Valley, Leotek is a leading global manufacturer of street, roadway, area and signal lighting products and solutions. Leotek streetlights were first designed and delivered in 2007 and the company now has more than 1.5 million installations across North America.

Lindsley Lighting is taking a fresh approach to designing and manufacturing LED light fixtures. The sleek modernist designs take advantage of the low profile that can be achieved with LEDs while delivering the light quality and color of incandescents.

Lumen Center Italia- Lumen Center Italia offers a unique collection of contemporary pendants, sconces, floor and table lamps suitable for modern design.

LumenFocus has a wide selection of indoor, outdoor and specialty luminaires. Our indoor line features high bays, retrofits, troffers, down lights, strips, wraps and vaportights. The outdoor catalog contains canopy, flood, street and area lighting. The specialty luminaires section of our catalog includes exit signs, emergency luminaires, grow lights and vaporproof lights

LumenTruss is a linear series of structural LED aluminum extrusion composed of Alcoa 6063T-5 . LumenTruss LED profiles range is offered in a variety of different styles and design. Whether for residential , commercial or industrial use our LED extrusions can respond to all types of projects. It is possible to have multiple lighting styles with different accessories range . Our products are manufactured in Canada, ensuring fast delivery at a cost defying any competition.

LumenTruss is dedicated to creating architectural aluminum LED extrusions to accommodate linear strip lighting LED . We offer complete systems, including lens, end caps and mounting brackets. LumenTruss focuses on the design and manufacture of architectural lighting systems. Our commitment is to continually offer new lighting systems that use the latest technology . Our LED profiles can be integrated into the details of building elements and thus create a wonderful continuous hidden light that accentuates the human experience.

From diminutive sconces to interactive floors to intricate sculptural works, we have the right blend of technical experience and a designer's vision to realize an array of fixture types. With an in-house R & D department, testing facility, certification lab and manufacturing plant, Architects, Interior Designers, Lighting Designers, and Purchasing Agents have a unique resource to help bring their projects to light.

Luxuni is composed of the Latin word “lux” (“light”) and “unique”, which appropriately represents our aim to create inimitable, exceptional, design-oriented, functional yet beautiful lighting fixtures incorporating state-of-the-art LED-technology.

Luxx Box creates re-imagined and authentic designs. Our furniture and lighting are functional props for people to collaborate and connect. They ignite a light encouraging users to create, deliver, think, lead or just be. Luxx Box manufacturers a full line of decorative, acoustical pendants, table and floor lamps, as well as interior and exterior furnishings such as agile boards, collaborative seating, storage, and tables

Majeax is a leading manufacture for high quality lighting products for domestic and commercial applications. It's extensive product range includes wall lamps, ceiling lamps, hanging lamps, and recessed downlights.

Our custom manufacturing facilities allow you optimum customization and design flexibility, enabling you to choose the metal, glass, wood and paint you want. We also offer a vast selection of fixtures from Asian suppliers with the ability to source one-of-a-kind fixtures — in a time frame you can live with.

Mercana offers a complete line of home furnishings including accents, furniture, lighting, framed art and décor.

METALUMEN is a lighting fixture manufacturer which supplies a wide array of indirect, direct and indirect/direct lighting systems. Our uniquely engineered products, primarily manufactured from extruded and perforated aluminum, offer distinguished product designs, outstanding photometric performance and ease of installation which complement today's architecture, interior design styles and construction schedules.

ModoLuce is a strong Italian brand of lighting effects designed to create a strong decorative impact, perfect for commercial, architectural, hospitality and high-end residential applications.

Custom exterior poles and lighting for roadways, pedestrian areas, bike paths, parking areas, parks, and much more. If you can design it, Moonlight can build it.

National lighting provides a sculpted lighting products priced to market and delivered in a timely fashion. Nation has a full line of LED recessed, linear, pendant, and cove luminaries.  

NEPTUN is a well-diversified manufacturer of ENERGY CONSERVATION lighting products such as LED, Induction and Compact Fluorescent. Our products are designed for residential, commercial, outdoor and other infrastructure lighting applications. NEPTUN offers intelligent solutions for renewable energy generation such as Wind and Solar.

Norlight (lighting of indoor areas) boasts a long history in the design and production of “technical lighting solutions”, capable of providing the best answer to the technical specifications requested by customers. Our products are often “”Custom made”” and highlight design and overall technical performance as their leading characteristics that differentiate them from our competitors.

num lighting products are modular innovative and decorative light fixtures that are easily assembled and simply adjusted to let customers enhance and personalize their space, infusing it with ambience and fun.

Pablo designs is a San Francisco based decorative lighting company that specializes in decorative pendants, ceiling, wall, floor, and table luminaries or all shapes and sizes. Pablo is know for his unique and cutting edge designs. All of the products are quick ship in two to three days from the time the order is placed.

LED outdoor street lighting manufacturer servicing commercial, educational such as colleges/universities and municipalities to provide high quality lighting solutions for special or custom projects. Pemco Lighting Products has been designing and manufacturing high quality lighting fixtures, poles, and accessories for over 135 years.

Prandina is an Italian brand who started in the interior lighting design in 1982. Prandina specializes in decorative pendants, sconces, table, and floor lamps of all shapes and sizes.

Precision Lighting is a British manufacturer with a proud legacy of collaborating with architects, lighting designers, interior designers and end-clients to deliver architectural luminaires and lighting systems that represent a fusion of optical excellence and aesthetic appreciation. Precision Lighting manufacturers a wide range of LED downlights, Track lighting, and Led surface luminaires.

Quattro Lighting specializes in decorative and functional luminaires for outdoor lighting. Whether you’re an architect, urban planner, engineer or building contractor, Quattro’s wide range of product will enhance your project. By using Quattro’s product, you will benefit from its aesthetics, performance and ease of maintenance Quattro’s professional team aims at a successful partnerships with its clients through courteous service.

Remote Controlled Lighting Ltd (RCL) is the only company in the world to specialize in the design and manufacture of remote controlled spotlights. RCL is a private, family owned lighting manufacturer based in the UK, whose client presence is both extensive and international. Award winning and with over 10 years’ experience in the lighting industry, we are recognized across the globe as pioneers in remote controlled architectural lighting.

Santa & Cole is an manufacturing company from Barcelona that lives for industrial design. Since 1985 we have been committed to generating high quality products that improve the way we live in our surroundings in our public and private lives, at home, in the office, and in the city. We seek to offer objects that stimulate and enrich the user.

Senso Light has an emotional effect on people and a direct impact on business profitability. It ultimately influences everything in our lives. Senso is a recognized leader in creating LED fixtures that provide superior aesthetics, economics and durability. Senso is a trusted partner of the global lighting design community and lighting engineers.

SkyBlade Fans offer High Volume Low Speed (HVLS) Fans that are specially designed with leading edge STOL technology. STOL series 12-24’ fans deliver top efficiency to heating and cooling systems by reducing their run time, cycles and improving overall comfort. SkyBlade offers gearbox and direct drive fans from 6’ all the way up to 24’ in dia. SkyBlade Fans are utilized in high ceiling facilities, open office spaces, warehouses, places of worship, gymnasiums, auto dealerships and more.

Starfire Lighting, Inc. provides architectural grade lighting solutions including linear, recessed, decorative, and custom lighting products for the entire spectrum of commercial and residential applications, offering the highest level of service to the lighting specification community.

We are an American manufacturing company and specialize in outdoor lighting fixtures which are both sturdy and artistic made from solid brass and copper, a winning combination giving SPJ a reputation as the leader in the industry! Chemical finishes, such as our classic "Matte Bronze" and "Rusty" have changed the landscape lighting world forever and are the envy of our competitors (who have been trying for years to duplicate our signature finishes). Our finishes are guaranteed for life never to peel or flake.

Technilume is a French company that designs and manufacturers aluminum urban exterior light fixtures and poles that are both functional and decorative in design. Besides their vast contemporary product offering, Technilume offers completely custom capabilities which answer to specifiers needs whom enhance the urban landscape responding to specific requirements: architectural heritage highlighting, traffic light signalization, light-rail, portal frame design, landscaped promenade illumination.

American Glass Light fixtures have been designed and manufactured in the United States since 1981. We are well-known for creating high quality decorative ceiling, pendant, and wall mounted fixtures that remain enduring and timeless by combining classic details with modern design and technology.

Created by New York designer Christo Logan, these ceramic pendants are designed using 3D printing. Each individual piece is printed as a complex hollow structure with internal details that conceal the LED light sources, the wiring, and custom connection hardware.

Ushio America, Inc. is constantly challenging the global market by providing new and better lighting for the future, today. Since its establishment in 1967, Ushio America Inc. has developed its product technology to include a wide variety of light sources used in many different markets. Here at Ushio America Inc., our primary product focus is on discharge and halogen lamp technology..

VidaShield is a UV-C, antimicrobial, environmental air purification system. It combines an ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI) chamber and air circulating fans with an overhead ceiling light.

VLT manufacturers exterior and interior LED products that are unique to the industry. VLT has many styles of bollards, path lights, sconces, accent fixtures, cove, recessed, and pendant luminaires that offer the best of LED technology – long life, energy savings, and beautiful light quality.

It often takes decades, for the selected few to earn their reputation of becoming world known, respected brands they are today. However, maintaining the hard-earned standing, only a few have been able to manage. This is why, while VONN has quickly earned its status as a pioneer in ecological and resource-efficient LED lighting innovations with knowledge and skill to deliver unsurpassed quality and design, we are also committed to providing the highest industry standards in customer care as well.